Demanding a shift in mindset, Rahul Gandhi responds to PM Modi’s “biggest OBC” comment.

In his response to the discussion on the Motion of Thanks to the President’s Address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi leveled a severe critique at the Congress party.

On Monday, senior Congressman Rahul Gandhi retaliated against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for referring to himself as the “biggest OBC,” stating that it was critical to alter the perception of what it means to be little or large.

In response to a discussion in the Lok Sabha over the Motion of Thanks regarding the President’s Address, Prime Minister Modi said that the Congress and the UPA administration were treating underprivileged populations unfairly. According to Modi, who was speaking about himself, “while Congress leaders keep counting the number of OBCs in the government, they fail to see the biggest OBC.”

A few days ago, Bharat Ratna was given to Karpoori Thakur ji. After winning the Bihar chief ministership in 1970, what did he not do to destabilize his government? Congress finds OBCs repulsive.The government maintains a running tally of the number of OBCs. “Republicans, are you not able to see that this is the biggest OBC (referring to yourself)?” PM Modi said.

Modi referred to the National Advisory Council (NAC) as a “extra-constitutional” entity and questioned its membership count of OBCs during the Congress-led UPA administration.

“An extra-constitutional body was established under the UPA government. Before that body, the administration could not have its way. Did the National Advisory Council include any members who were OBC? Discover,” he continued.

The former president of the Congress responded to Modi’s statements in the Parliament by stating, “The Prime Minister referred to himself as the ‘largest OBC’ today in Parliament, despite his repeated claims that there are only two castes in India: the affluent and the poor.

Gandhi reiterated his call for a caste-based census, saying, “It is important to change this mentality of considering someone small and someone big.”

“Why is he afraid of counting?” he said, adding, “Economic and social justice cannot be provided to them without counting them, be they OBC, Dalit, or tribal.”

Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra is the name of the East-West outreach initiative that Rahul Gandhi is now spearheading nationally.

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