Kidnapped infant saved by Assam Police; three people arrested in Guwahati kidnapping plot

In a recent development, the Assam Police have managed to free a toddler who had been abducted and have arrested three people connected to a Guwahati kidnapping scheme.

Fear spread when a 1.5-year-old baby girl was kidnapped on February 11 from the side of the road near the Khanapara flyover.

Witnesses spotted the scoundrel fleeing with the youngster at around eleven in the morning.

Speaking during a press conference, Guwahati Commissioner of Police Diganta Barah asserted that two accused—Biswajit Dey and Savita Dey—who were struggling financially, had been approached by a woman going by the name of Jerima Begum, who requested a child in exchange for money.

Furthermore, Biswajit Dey planned to kidnap the infant and reward Jerima Begum with cash. According to Biswajit Dey, Jerima Begum was supposed to pay him back with more than one lakh rupees.

It should be mentioned that the baby’s mother, Hasina Begum, was distraught to see her kid had been taken away. Hasina Begum was employed at a nearby store.

Bus drivers promptly reported the event to the authorities after observing the odd behaviour.

The Dispur police took up the inquiry after reading the report.

Meanwhile, the police acted swiftly to step in and release the baby from Fatasil Ambari within six hours of being aware of the kidnapping.

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