Manipur Chief Minister queries Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra, asking, “Did he come to mess with…?”

At a meeting in Imphal, Biren Singh questioned, “Is it a time for politics by holding a rally, given the current situation in the state?”

Chief Minister of Manipur, Biren Singh, has stated that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has expressed disapproval of the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, which got underway in Manipur on Sunday. Biren Singh, the head of the BJP government in the northeastern state, questioned Gandhi’s motive for visiting Manipur—was it to undermine the better circumstances? “Given the current situation in the state, is it a time for politics by holding a rally?” During an address at an event in Imphal, Singh stated. This is the time to provide comfort and protect people and property.

We doubt that Gandhi has come to interfere with the improving situation. There’s always an issue when he arrives. Manipur is on high alert this time. If he arrives, we have to be on alert so that he does not meddle with anything,” the CM stated. Biren Singh continued, saying that the Congressman had participated in the “Bharat Todo” (Break India) yatra rather than the “Bharat Jodo” (Unite India) yatra.

From Thoubal in Manipur, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and other prominent figures, like as Mallikarjun Kharge, launched the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra on Sunday. Rahul Gandhi remarked, “We want to hear about your’mann ki baat,’ not tell you about ours,” during the Yatra’s kickoff speech. Tell us about your suffering, please. Our shared ideal is one of harmony and fraternity.

Since I began my political career in 2004, I have traveled to parts of India where the government has completely disintegrated. After he made a state visit to Manipur on June 29, the state lost its identity, divided, and hatred spread over the area, killing thousands of people. Moreover, the prime minister of India has not yet been to you to hold your hand and dry your tears. It’s a shameful deed,” Rahul said.

A few weeks following the violence that broke out in the state of Manipur in June of last year, Gandhi traveled there for two days. He visited with the afflicted people who were staying in relief camps spread out over many areas during his visit. However, fearing possible unrest along the way, the police intervened and stopped his caravan en route from Imphal to Churachandpur. Chaos ensued for several hours as a result. In the end, the Congress leader chose to travel to Churachandpur by helicopter.

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