Because to the death delusion, Poonam Pandey donated Rs. 100 crore suits.

A lawsuit worth Rs 100 crore has been brought against Sam Bombay, Poonam Pandey’s spouse.

In a First Information Report (FIR), Faizan Ansari of India revealed the scam involving the Kanpur Superintendent of Police.

According to Ansari, Sam Bombay and Poonam Pandey planned to make him sicker and arrange his death. Millions of people have had their feelings and trust abused, particularly those in the Bollywood industry.

The complaint asks for the couple’s licence.

Actress and model Poonam Pandey refuted claims that she passed away from ovarian cancer in a message that she published on her Instagram site on February 3.

He declared himself “proud” of the way his passing was announced. He said he was sorry for “shocking his fans and fans.”

On February 2nd, news of his passing went viral on the internet.

In the video, Poonam remarked, “I understand.” Cervical cancer did not cause my death. I’m sorry I can’t say that since cervical cancer claims the lives of so many women.

Poonam uploaded the video with the caption, “Sadly, cervical cancer killed hundreds of women because people didn’t kill knowingly treatments available. I am here, I am alive. I feel I have to share this with you all.”

He continued by saying that cervical cancer is totally avoidable, in contrast to many other tumours. The HPV vaccine and first screening tests are crucial. We have strategies to ensure that no one is killed by this illness. Let’s ensure that all ladies are aware of what to do and communicate essential information to one another.

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