BJP’s Jagadish Shettar believes Modi must take over as prime minister once again

After the BJP rejected his candidacy for the Karnataka Assembly election in 2023, Jagadish Shettar became irate and left the party. However, he has since returned to the party.

Approximately nine months after leaving the BJP to join the Congress, Jagadish Shettar (left) was warmly received back into the organization.

Jagadish Shettar, a former chief minister of Karnataka and leader of the Lingayat movement, resigned from the BJP in 2023 before the Karnataka Assembly Election after being refused a ticket. When he arrived at the BJP headquarters on Thursday afternoon, state BJP President BY Vijayendra and former chief minister BS Yediyurappa greeted him warmly. The Congress officials added that many BJP leaders were fervently striving for Jagadish Shettar’s return, despite the widespread assumption that Shettar—whose dramatic last-minute pivot before of the state election and lengthy relationship with the BJP—would make another move. This is a clear indication of the party’s vulnerability. For the next general elections, they don’t have any candidates,”

“The party gave me a lot of responsibilities in the past. Owing to several problems, I attended the Congress party. There have been several talks inside the BJP over the past eight or nine months. Leaders and members of the Karnataka BJP urged me to rejoin the party. Vijayendra ji and Yediyurappa ji also desired that I return to the BJP. Shettar reaffirmed, “I am returning to the party because I think that Narendra Modi ji has to take over as prime minister once more.

The JD(S) and BJP have teamed together because they both suffer from severe lacks of confidence and leadership. As of right now, Shivakumar stated on Wednesday, they are making a valiant effort to reintegrate Shettar within the party.

Having lost Hubli Dharwad Central by a wide margin, Jagadish Shettar was elevated to the rank of MLC.

Former six-term Hubli MLA Jagadish Shettar quit the BJP after receiving no ticket from the organisation. He ran for office in his Hubli-Central Dharwad constituency after joining the Congress, but BJP candidate Mahesh Tenginkai defeated him handily. Congress elevated him to the rank of MLC.

Shettar declared his decision to leave the Saffron party was definitive when he departed the BJP in April 2023, claiming he had been humiliated by the party’s senior officials. “I’ve been humiliated by the way the BJP leaders have been treating me these last several days. I was compelled to announce my resignation because of the party members’ mistreatment of me. Shettar stated at the time, “Some state leaders are abusing the BJP system.

The 68-year-old Shettar, an ardent member of the RSS, led Karnataka as chief minister from 2012 to 2013 when Yediyurappa was forced to resign. In 2008, Shettar served as the Assembly’s speaker as well.

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