Days After Leaving AAP, Haryana Leader Ashok Tanwar Joins BJP

New Delhi: The governing party intends to grow the size of its support base in the state with the appointment of the Dalit politician. On Saturday, Ashok Tanwar, a former president of the Haryana Congress who had lately quit the Aam Aadmi Party, became a member of the BJP.

Ashok Tanwar joined the BJP in front of notable people, including Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. He lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership and said that the country has experienced substantial improvements over the last ten years.

In an interview with the media before to the Ram temple’s dedication on January 22, he said that joining the BJP was a stroke of luck.

Mother of Ashok Tanwar hails from the same village as ML Khattar, who greeted him with open arms when he joined the BJP, calling him his “bhanja” (nephew).

On a more humorous note, Haryana’s chief minister said that while Ashok Tanwar was supposed to depart from the Congress and join the BJP, his “train” took a different route and ended up with the AAP. They have communicated often.

In 2019, Ashok Tanwar left the Congress, and in 2022, he joined the AAP. Meanwhile, the former member of the Lok Sabha had established his party and had briefly become a member of the Trinamool Congress.

He resigned from the AAP on Thursday in an attempt to voice his opposition to the party’s planned alliance with the Congress for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

According to Ashok Tanwar, they have been impacted by Prime Minister Modi’s attempts to improve millions of people’s lives and India’s reputation.

“We will all work to ensure that all records are broken and the BJP’s tally reaches over 400 in the Lok Sabha elections,” said the lawmaker.

Many more politicians have also joined the BJP, according per ML Khattar’s report.

Since Jats are the largest caste in the state and are frequently seen to lean Democratic, the party is hopeful that Ashok Tanwar’s arrival would bolster its efforts to win support there.

Later this year, Haryana will have assembly elections. The BJP has dominated the state since 2014, under Khattar’s leadership the entire time.

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