Examining Deepika Padukone’s assets, net worth, and other details as she turns 38

Here is a glance at Deepika Padukone’s interests, assets, and net worth on her 38th birthday.

Today is Deepika Padukone’s 38th birthday. She is a Bollywood actress. In addition to being one of Bollywood’s highest-paid female performers, Padukone is one of the industry’s most prominent and recognizable faces. In addition to her considerable earnings from film, Padukone earns a substantial amount of money from her several lucrative brand sponsorships (she is the face of Pepsi, Tanishq, Levi’s, Louis Vuitton, and more), real estate ventures, and her own skincare line.

Here is a peek at Deepika Padukone’s assets, net worth, and more as she celebrates her 38th birthday:

Numerous sources state that Deepika Padukone has a net worth of Rs 500 crore. She is one of Bollywood’s biggest tax payers. She made a tax payment of Rs 10 crore for the 2016–2017 financial year.

She was the lone actress who was included among India’s wealthiest individual taxpayers last year.

Forbes estimates that Padukone made Rs 48 crore in revenue in 2019. She had made 112.8 crore the previous year. Although more current revenue figures are unavailable, her career has undoubtedly continued to grow, as has the price she asks for each film.

Padukone is said to demand between Rs. 15-20 crore for motion pictures and Rs. 8 crore for brand endorsements.

Top companies like Louis Vuitton, Levi’s, Jio, Pepsi, Adidas, Axis Bank, Tissot, Oppo, Vistara, Chopard, Dabur, etc. are among those she has endorsed. With her name on a list that includes everything from luxury watches to health food to high fashion to airlines, Padukone is one of the most recognizable faces in the nation.

The Chennai Express actress makes money from her investments in addition to her roles in films and advertisements. Deepika Padukone reportedly invested in a number of firms, including BluSmart, Supertails, Blue Tokai, and Bellatrix Aerospace, according to a GQ story.

In terms of real estate, Padukone has a 4BHK apartment in Mumbai’s Beaumonde Towers, located on the 26th floor of Tower B. She paid Rs 22 crore to her spouse Ranveer Singh in 2021 for a second property in Alibaug. She registered a serviced flat she and her father Prakash Padukone purchased in Bengaluru for Rs 6.79 crore the same year. The registration record states that the unit was bought in 2012.

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