“I can’t promise that,” Jaishankar says in reference to the dispute between India and the Maldives.

Following three Maldivian politicians’ disparaging statements against Prime Minister Modi on social media and their mocking of him on his recent visit to Lakshadweep, a diplomatic spat broke out.

Dr.S.Jaishankar, the minister of external affairs, recently spoke out on the ongoing diplomatic dispute with the Maldives, stating that it is not always possible to predict whether other nations would stand by or concur with India.

At a town hall meeting in Nagpur,Dr.S.Jaishankar answered, “Politics is politics,” when asked about the recent break with the Maldives. I cannot guarantee that everyone, everywhere, will support us or agree with us every single day.

“Building a really strong link is what we are attempting to achieve, and we have had great success doing so over the past ten years.”

Dr.S.Jaishankar summarized India’s ten-year effort to build strong international relations, highlighting the development of goodwill among people despite shifts in political connections.

“Politics may go up and down but the people of that nation generally have good feelings towards India and understand the importance of having good relations,” he stated.

The minister went on to mention India’s contribution to the building of infrastructure in other nations.

“We are involved today in building roads, electricity, transmission, supplying fuel, providing trade access, making investments, and having people holiday in other countries,” Jaishankar stated, adding that “all these are parts of how you develop those relationships.”


“Sometimes, things do not go in a good way, and then you have to reason with people to bring things back to where they should be,” he continued.

Three Maldivian lawmakers made critical words about Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media, criticizing his recent visit to Lakshadweep, which triggered a diplomatic rift between India and the Maldives. India called the Maldivian envoy in protest and strongly denounced the statements.

Along with the event, a demand to promote beach tourism in Lakshadweep and other domestic sites was endorsed by celebrities and notable members of the Indian film industry, who launched an internet campaign to boycott the renowned tourist destination.

The Maldivian government suspended the three junior ministers and disassociated itself from the offensive comments made against Prime Minister Modi in reaction to the uproar.

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