The political party Tamizha Vetri Kazhagam is launched by Tamil superstar Vijay.

Superstar Vijay is probably going to take the political arena by storm before Tamil Nadu’s 2026 assembly election.

Tamil superstar Vijay has launched a political party in Tamil Nadu.

Chennai/New Delhi: A few days after being named the head of the Tamizha Vetri Kazhagam (TVK) by its founders, superstar Vijay formed a political party in Tamil Nadu. Vijay is probably going to take the political arena by storm before Tamil Nadu’s 2026 assembly election. Translating “Tamizhaga Vetri Kazhagam” roughly means “Tamil Nadu Victory Party.”

According to Vijay, his party would not run for the Lok Sabha. As resolved at its most recent general council and executive council sessions, the TVK would also not back anyone, he stated.

“I have made the decision to fully immerse myself in the politics of public service and finish the film I have already committed to, all without interfering with my party duties. I see this as my way of showing my appreciation to the Tamil Nadu people,” Vijay declared, according to news agency PTI.

His admirers in the state renowned for producing actors who go from film to politics, like the late greats MG Ramachandran and J Jayalalithaa, celebrated the news on their own initiative.

With 68 acting credits under his belt, Vijay is regarded as the next Rajinikanth of Tamil cinema and has been pursuing political aspirations for more than a decade. His fan groups have been involved in a variety of charitable and welfare initiatives by him, including as food distribution for free, educational scholarships, libraries, evening classes, and even legal assistance.

He recently planned a program at the constituency level to honor students who placed first in open tests. He expressed his desire to learn about luminaries such as Ambedkar, Periyar, and Kamaraj to the pupils. Take what is beneficial and discard the rest.”

The renowned film director Chandrasekhar is Vijay’s father. Vijay has a cult following in the state and his films frequently tackle important and delicate subjects of public importance. Over the years, a few of Vijay’s films have also adopted contentious positions criticizing governments.

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