In reaction to the charge of nepotism, Mallikarjun Kharge poses the question, “Who sacrificed life for India?” to PM Modi.

In his response to the Lok Sabha discussion on the Motion of Thanks, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge retaliated against Prime Minister Modi’s criticism of the traditional party.

Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge responded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vicious criticism of the opposition in the Lok Sabha on Monday by stating that the BJP leader “cannot sleep without mentioning” the name of the grand old party.

In response to the discussion on the Motion of Thanks for the President’s Address, Prime Minister Modi stated that his party has never referred to family members succeeding in politics on their own initiative and with public support as practicing dynastic politics.

Amit Shah and Rajnath Singh do not lead their own political organizations, Modi stated in response to the accusation that the BJP is likewise full of politicians who support dynastic politics. He said that dynamic politics is when a family controls a party and supports its own members, saying that in other cases, he invites family members to enter politics, even if ten of them do so.

“When it is certain that after one member, his or her son will become its president, then it is a threat to democracy,” he stated.

Kharge was asked to comment on Prime Minister Modi’s explanation of his understanding of dynasty politics during an interview with News18.

“He talked about nepotism, our leaders have given their lives for the country,” Kharge said.

“What political descendent or member of your party has given their life in defense of the nation’s freedom, unity, and integrity, Modi ji?” He went on.

After mentioning a number of government accomplishments, such as the removal of Article 370, Prime Minister Modi predicted that the BJP will win 370 seats.

He said that a “bhanumati ka kunba” (disparate alliance) was formed during infighting within the INDIA bloc, but that its members are now urging “ekla chalo” (go alone), ostensibly in reference to the TMC’s decision to forgo an alliance with the Congress in West Bengal.

In another jab at Rahul Gandhi, who had just met a group of mechanics, he stated that someone became a motor mechanic but was unable to affect alignment within the alliance.

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