Lord Ram Lalla’s first appearance in Ayodhya following Pran Partishtha

Lord Ram Lalla’s first appearance: The five-year-old Ram Lalla has a silver tilak on his forehead and is holding a gold bow and arrow.

After Pran-Partistha, the first glimpse of Lord Ram Lalla in Ayodhya

Following the pran pratishtha of Lord Ram Lalla on Monday at the Ayodhya Ram Temple’s sanctum sanctorum, the world got to see the 51-inch idol for the first time. Karnataka’s Arun Yogiraj created the idol, which shows Ram Lalla at five years old. The idol was chosen above two others because, according to the Trust officials, it perfectly embodied purity, divinity, and majesty.

The idol is completely adorned with jewelry, ranging from the head to the feet. It has a golden bow and arrow on its hands. A ruby and silver tilak adorns the forehead.

The color of Ram Lalla’s dhoti, which is yellow, combines wonderfully with the yellow of the sparkling jewelry and flowers. Against the backdrop of the idol’s opulent jewelry, the intricate floral design was striking.

Ram Lalla is wearing jewelry made of gold, emerald, and ruby.


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